Australian Association to Stop Guardianship & Admin Abuse (AASGAA)

AASGAA was created by a group of AUSTRALIAN victims and their families who have watched over the decades certain Institutions, their Employees & even strangers and known people of the victim use the Guardianship & Administration System and other tools (such as Powers of Attorney ) to control the decision making (Financial & Personal) of vulnerable Australians.

Click onto the title directly above, to access a wealth of information, about the current Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

STOP Guardianship & Public Trustee ABUSE of Elderly, Disabled & Vulnerable in Australia

These are just some of the horror stories we hear daily & the stories are growing. Families & Support people are being removed from the decision making process of their loved ones in favour of organisations (Government and Corporate) who are profiting from their care. Young, old, disabled, vulnerable, elderly and indigenous.

NSW Trustee and Guardian Client Abuse
The NSW Trustee and Guardian Client Abuse website has been set up to provide important information about NSW Trustee and Guardian (NSWTG) and report details of abuse meted out to the many elderly and vulnerable clients that come under its administration.

TS Radio Network: Australian & American Guardianship Systems Comparison

Doug Young joins us from Australia for a comparison between US and Australian guardian systems.

Shocking footage of restrained aged care residents prompts new regulations | 7.30
Imagine you discovered your parents, or grandparents, were being tied to chairs for 14 hours, or were being drugged without record to keep them under control in their aged care home.

NSW Trustee & Guardian Reviews – ProductReview.com.au
Click on the title/link directly above (that opens into another page I created) which gives you access to a multitude of mainly negative reviews (about the NSWTG) from disgruntled customers!

Former Adelaide Public Trustee employee jailed over deceased estate thefts
A woman who stole from deceased estates while she worked at the Public Trustee office in Adelaide has been jailed over the theft of cars, cash and jewellery.

Penny-pinching, raking in huge fees: public trustees under scrutiny
When Steven Colley died, he was surrounded by squalor – leaks, rotting and mould had overtaken his home.
Colley, 57, was deemed to lack capacity for financial decisions because of his mental illness, and the NSW Trustee and Guardian (NSWTG) controlled his money.

This lady has a multitude of self made videos on YouTube (which go into very sad personal detail) about what has tragically happened to her two wonderful parents.

Peter who is a victim of the NSWTG, contacted me via email on 12 September 2018, in regards to this Royal Commission. This is what he wrote:
“I have been speaking with an officer for the current royal commission regarding financial institutions and they appear to be most interested in what I have told them. They are sending me forms for submissions and encouraged me to get others to make submissions also.”

My grief is too much to bear…especially when I know that my mother died a preventable death.
Like so many gone before her (DUE TO THE INEXCUSABLE ACTIONS OF THE NSWTG) their suffering shall not be in vain!

โ€˜Unfinished Businessโ€™ โ€“ Public Trustee
[Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday 31 Mar 2017]
Ian interviews people whose lives have been at the mercy of the Queensland Public Trustee. In this exposรฉ Theresa Creed, John Tracey, Rosslyn Mirciov and Doug Young reveal the misfortunes of vulnerable members of their families suffering at the hands of public trustee and the public guardian.

Name: Peter
Email: xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx
Comment by Peter: Can you post this on your NSWTGEXPOSED site please. I am looking for genuine victims like myself who would join a class action against the New South Wales Trustee and Guardian (O.P.C.)
They sent me bankrupt in the supreme court when I was developing severe epilepsy. I have been told they took advantage of my condition like a pack of wolves. The attack was based upon lies which I can now prove because of independent witnesses which I was unaware of at the time. I don’t remember the court hearing, in fact I have lost much of the past fifteen years of my memory. Now that I am on the correct medication, I am ready for a fight.
MY COMMENT: Peter I’m with you all the way to the bank on this one for sure…I just hope and pray that some greedy law practice doesn’t try to get involved!
If anyone would like to make contact with Peter, or enter a comment below about this subject, please forward your request via my CONTACT link: https://nswtgexposed.com.au/contact/

Click on the title/link directly above, as I have created a page which includes various links to this story!

Guardianship review โ€“ public consultations
Should a guardian be able to make decisions for someone else? Or should people be supported to make their own decisions? Tell us about your experiences with guardianship at our public consultations in Sydney on 30 May and in Parramatta on 1 June.

This site lays out the technical aspects of the New South Wales Trustee and Guardian.
(basically all of the NSWTG legal jargon, which enables these perpetrators, to annihilate their victims existence)
“An Act to constitute the NSW Trustee and Guardian; to confer on it functions as a trustee, executor or administrator and functions relating to the financial and other management of estates; to repeal the Public Trustee Act 1913 and the Protected Estates Act 1983 ; and for other purposes.”

A CURRENT AFFAIR – Trustee Money
Mar 31, 2013 Two young men caught-up in a system that’s supposed to support them for life.
MY COMMENT: How in the hell does this Australian government department continue to exist? The blatant exploitation of it’s disabled clients, is rather offensive to me!



Well, here I am again…physically incapacitated, homeless, & stuck out in the bush in a tiny tent. As of a couple of days ago, my mother has been hospitalised on her death bed. ‘Tis so bloody pitiful that our family home was forcefully sold out from under us, courtesy of the NSWTG. People risk not even being able to die in their own home anymore, if the government takes over our whole life. So this morning, (04 Feb 2017) I felt it most appropriate, to let those mungrel bastards and bitches, know exactly how I feel about their shithouse treatment – I have further expressed my frustration & outrage, with the extraordinarily personal picture above…’breakfast is served you ARSEHOLES’
P.S. as my younger brother would say – “you’re human excrement”

Oh my god I have waited for you…
quick run down,
1997- suffered an extra-dural haematoma, whilst being “escorted” from a local hotel.
later 1997 – criminal proceedings against the “defedent” BOTCHED by the Police prosecutions.
Almost three years later and a growing pile of solicitors, “McKays” solicitors in Brisbane, after holding my files for three or more months accepted my case..
I had spent 9 months in therapy at $600 an hour to be given “speech pathology” and play scrabble.!
At the time I was 27 yrs old and was on my own two feet.

Hello Paul,
I live in st clair & mom(forced in a nursing home/drugged/assaulted)& me have had similar experiences and have suffered 6 years of NSWTG psycotic attorney & aged care facility dr & manager accomplices abuses with a incriminating False Billings injury/Medicare Fruad WHITE ELEPHANT issue and current threat to sell mom’s property/her childrens inheritence. ๐Ÿ˜ 

MY COMMENT: Please note that I entered the term ‘NSW Trustee’ in the search box, on this caselaw site…therefore there may be cases mixed in with the results, which are not related to the NSWTG.


MY COMMENT: I submitted my complaint to ICAC on Sun, 09 Nov 2014…Please take the time to consider doing likewise. The more complaints, the better the chance that somebody in this Govt. department, develops a conscience to investigate the NSWTG (and every other Public Trustee & Guardian office throughout Australia)
Click onto my ICAC submission document below to enlarge it;

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15
Millions of older persons are abused, neglected, and exploited. Once a year on June 15, communities and municipalities around the world plan activities and programs to recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD)

NSW Trustee & Guardian Transformation
During 2016 NSW Trustee & Guardian is transitioning to a new operating model.
MY COMMENT: I can hardly believe this…the gall that these parasites have…pulling no punches, by going straight for the jugular vein…in your face advertisments, revolving around drawing their wages/profiteering from your death…this is no less than rackateering from vulnerable folk…a seriously indictable offence against human dignity!!!!!!!
NOTE: profiteer/prษ’fษชหˆtษชษ™/ (verb)
make or seek to make an excessive or unfair profit, especially illegally.
NOTE: An indictment (/ษชnหˆdaษชtmษ™nt/ in-DYT-mษ™nt), in the common law system, is a formal accusation that a person has committed a crime.
NOTE: Racketeering, often associated with organized crime, is the act of offering of a dishonest service (a “racket”) to solve a problem that wouldn’t otherwise exist without the enterprise offering the service. Racketeering as defined by the RICO act includes a list of 35 crimes.
Source: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=racketeering&ie=&oe=

Glen Campbell and others are now protected in Tennessee
Campbell Falk Bill Now Law will be effective on Monday, May 16, 2016 when the Governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam makes it official by applying his John Hancock to the Bill. Glen Campbell who has been suffering with Alzheimerโ€™s Disease will now have some protection.

The NSW Trustee & Guardian, which has prepared wills and administered deceased estates for 100 years, is preparing for a restructure which will see all staff told to reapply for their job.



NB: click onto the image to enlarge it
MY COMMENT: They’re coming to take YOU away ho ho hee hee ha haaa (or at the very least, YOUR money)
Because the NSWTG wants to possess YOU, and/or YOUR money…beware of CEO Imelda Dodds and Legal Officer Natalie Darcy from the NSWTG, as they’ll attempt to lure you to fall under their spell !

Aged care workers cite abuse and neglect of nursing home patients
Aged care workers say their industry is facing a staffing crisis, with claims of abuse and neglect as patients struggle to get even basic care.

NSW Government / Justice – Capacity Toolkit
The Capacity Toolkit is a guide to assessing a person’s capacity to make legal, medical, financial and personal decisions. The Capacity Toolkit was created in response to requests from lawyers, medical professionals, health workers, carers and advocates who required more information about capacity, some general capacity principles and guidelines on assessing a person’s capacity to make decisions.
MY COMMENT: My Mum regained significant capacity over a year ago, but the NSWTG refuses to acknowledge this fact. Their desire is to milk her estate for all it’s worth, by keeping her institutionalised under false pretences. If it were proven that my mother has legal capacity, then the NSWTG would no longer have control over her existence any longer!

In Our Care
When it comes to people with disabilities, caregivers are supposed to be exactly that – carers, protecting the most vulnerable in our community.
But what if managers in a major institution ignored warning signs that staff may have been abusing people in their care, effectively allowing the abuse, including sexual assault, to continue?

NSW Trustee & Guardian Annual Report 2012-2013
NSW Trustee and Guardian (NSWTG) continued its focus on promoting the need for the community to plan for the future to maximise the opportunity for their wishes to be respected in the event that they lose capacity to make their own decisions or when they die. (PDF 107 pages)
MY COMMENT: Not included in this report, is the heartache, destruction & dictatorship, that the NSWTG impose on their victims!

SA Public Trustee – Today Tonight / Facebook comments
Chris Jenkinsonโ€™s 10year battle against SAโ€™s Public Trustee is set to open an explosive can of worms of systemic mismanagement & accounting errors likely to have affected thousands of their clientsโ€™ financial assets going back decades
MY COMMENT: I posted a comment on this Facebook page, which appears near the bottom of the page. Please consider adding your opinion to this project!

The contents of this e-mail will be of interest to Public Guardians and the general public worldwide. Attached is a letter that was sent, two years ago, to Judge Denzil Lush, who was then Master of the Court of Protection, and now is Senior Judge. Certain names have been removed due to an ongoing criminal investigation. (PDF 48 pages)

Public Trustee poised to sell elderly woman’s home
The ACT Government has tens of thousands of dollars of Louise Haberkorn’s money, now it wants to sell her house.
The family of the 85-year-old Canberra woman do not know why the family home must be sold or even how much of their mother’s money is being held by the ACT’s Public Trustee.

Public Trustee Sale
MY COMMENT: The South Australian Public Trustee, forces the sale of a disabled pensioners family home. Yet another harrowing report of the sadistic bullying tactics, used by a government office.

Scandal in the Public Trustee
Family First SA leader Dennis Hood MLC features in this story as 7’s Today Tonight breaks news of an internal investigation into the use of Public Trustee computer and internet privileges to circulate pornography amongst staff. The Public Trustee is a taxpayer funded body established to look after the funds of some of South Australia’s most vulnerable people.

Care-home battle hastened my wife’s death, says veteran
A former soldier who fought his local council for the right to look after his wife at home blamed social workers for contributing to her death.

Collateral Murder?
An in-depth analysis of a leaked military video showing a US army helicopter firing on Iraqis.
MY COMMENT: The similarities between this video, and how the NSW T&G treats their captors, is undeniable. Especially the blatently poor excuses, that the high-ranking officials use, to defend the actions of the cold blooded killers…With the obvious difference being, that strong medications are used as slow kill tactics, rather than high-powered weapons for instant slaughter. This is because a slow death is preferred by the New South Wales Trustee and Guardian, as this gives them plenty of time to fleece their clients valuables, and receive payment by charging exorbitant fees !

IPART Issues Paper May 2014:
A fair and transparent fee structure for the NSW Trustee and Guardian

Many people would have heard of the NSW Trustee & Guardian’s free Will service. Whilst this is an important service, what you don’t know is that whilst the preparation of your Will may be free, you may be surprised at the fees charged to administer your Estate after you’re gone.

NSWTG awards $2.5 billion mandate
New South Wales Trustee & Guardian has finalised arrangements for its $2.5 billion investments following a review. New South Wales Trustee & Guardian (NSWTG) has awarded BlackRock Investment Management and JP Morgan the responsibility of its $2.5 billion investments.

How DARE The NSW Trustee and Guardian do this to a Client, who is still living?
I received an email yesterday, from my brother, stating that the NSW T & G (Public Trustee), is going to descend on Dad’s house, as soon as brother has returned from his overseas holiday and intends to pack up and dispose of all of Dad’s (and my) belongings.

Public Trustee turns to NSW Police over SBS show The Feed
SBS and a forensic cleaning company are under fire from the NSW Trustee and Guardian after they filmed a current affairs story inside a dead woman’s house – apparently without permission.

Public Trustees Australia…your very own gateway to Hell
This website is a gateway for Public/State Trustees established by state and territory governments in Australia, and contains information and links to each organisation’s website.

Residents who lost life savings when Mentone Gardens nursing home collapsed to pursue class action against Victorian Government
The Victorian Government has come under attack for failing to prevent dozens of elderly residents from losing millions of dollars when a Melbourne aged care centre went into administration last year.

How not to poison the elderly
It was in my father-in-lawโ€™s 89th year that I grasped what his problem might be. His memory was good, lucky man. His physical ailments were not life-threatening. But he could hardly keep his eyes open. Heโ€™d nod off to sleep, wake up, complain of nausea, then nod off again. It occurred to me suddenly: this is what heroin addicts did.