G’Day, my name is Paul Contempree.
I live in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia.

This is the record of my Supreme Court case/battle, with the NSWTG:


I am providing information about Trustee and Guardian abuse, which is an atrocity that occurs internationally…!!!
The perpetrators can include any member of society, but are generally immediate family, and people associated with state governments.
My main focus is directed towards Australia, especially the state of New South Wales (NSW).

The New South Wales Trustee & Guardian (NSWTG), have interned my mother at a luxurious version of a death camp (A.K.A – Nursing Home).
The NSWTG continues to severely restrict the majority of my mother’s freedoms, and is determind to seize most of her assets.

My mother is forbidden by the NSWTG, to conduct a multitude of rational decisions.
Legally speaking, the NSWTG does most of my mother’s thinking for her.

In my eyes, the NSWTG is Australia’s very own passive / aggressive ‘Death Squad’.

Utilising legislation, they have made themselves the Life and Asset Seizers / Caesars, of thousands of physically and mentally ill people.
This cowardly government entity legally practices pre-meditated theft, and orchestrates slow kill tactics through various methods.

This process involves ritual ‘Miscarriages of Justice’, resulting in the rape of the victims assets, and forcing crucifixion upon the client & family.
These are ever evolving systemic crimes against humanity, sanctioned via parliament and the courts.

Through public outrage, a non-bureaucratic ‘Independent Watchdog’ must be established, to put a stop to this madness once and for all.
The NSW T&G and ALL ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CONSPIRACY, must be made accountable for outright brazen pillaging, and genocidal massacres!

The government of Australia declared war on the general population (beginning in 1878), by adopting the MASTER OF LUNACY policy from England, to crush it’s captors into submission.

By exposing this hideous reality, I hope to honour past and present victims, by seeking the justice that they and their families rightly deserve…

There needs to be a memorial similar to this, placed at the front of every trustee and guardian office…

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I have emailed this letter to a multitude of media outlets, and political people. To those who bothered to respond to my plea, no help whatsoever was offered from anybody:


(The NSW Public Trustee & Guardian, the Life and Asset Seizers)

Friday 02 August, 2013

G’Day, my name is Paul Contempree.
I am 45 years of age and single.
I am on the Centrelink Disability Support Pension, due to a hot water scalding accident during my infancy.

This is brief overview of our predicament:

I am seeking public support, to have my mother Sandra Contempree who is aged 70, released from the authority of the NSW Public Trustee & Guardian.
I have been residing in my mothers house at 15 Driftwood Court, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450, for over three years.
Sandy has been managed by the NSW Public Trustee & Guardian during this period.
Mum has had several mental illness bouts over a period of fifteen years, which led to erratic behaviour.
Consequently many people manipulated her emotionally, and financially.
Her eating habits made her obese, which in turn created numerous health issues.
She lost the ability to control her finances within reason, resulting in hoarding & numerous outstanding debts.

Sandy suffered severely from a bitter divorce, which occurred over twenty years ago.
She was married for almost thirty years, and has five children.
This obviously had a devastating effect upon her.
She has been held against her will for over three years, at a nursing home in Glen Innes.
Sandy has been fighting to come home, receiving encouragement & assistance from my two brothers Mark and Michael.

My two sisters Michelle and Nicole, were granted Guardianship over our Mum last year.
This enables them to closely monitor our mothers personal care, and accommodation needs.
For some time I did agree with my two sisters, that mum’s house should be sold.
The proceeds from the sale of her house would fund a nursing home bond, and pay off outstanding debts.
Money is also needed for continuing expenses in aged care.
But when our mother said that she would kill herself if her home were sold, I formally withdrew my decision to sell the house.

I noticed a drastic change in Sandy’s behaviour sometime during late 2012, which has subsequently taken the fight out of her.
My sisters agreed to keep mum chemically restrained, knowing full well that she was being drugged to settle her down.
It seems to be the only way that the doctors can keep Sandy from ‘playing up’.
These were her current medications at 21st of November 2012:
Aspirin 100mg, 
Frusemide 40mg, 
Clonazepam 0.5 mg, 
Carbamazepine 200mg, 
Paracetamol 500mg, 
Tamazepam 10mg, 
Allopurinol 100mg, 
Atorvastatin 20mg.
A Registered Nurse emailed this comment during the same day; 
”Sandra is withdrawn at this stage and she can be paranoid at times”.
Is it any wonder?

Because of excessive medications, Sandy has become a recluse in her nursing home bedroom.
She has become morbidly obese, and continually complains of not being able to pass bowel motions properly.
Obviously due to a lack of exercise, and drugs which clog up the bowels, Sandy is forced to endure this hell.
Also the excessive weight gives her legs and feet throbbing pain.
It has been explained to me that ‘they’ cannot force my mother to exercise.
What surprises me, is that ‘they’ can make Sandy swallow an awful cocktail of pills.
In addition, ‘they’ will not let her leave the nursing home.
Furthermore, her house is to be sold without her consent.
God only knows what shall end up happening with all of her possessions.

Sandy has battled with numerous health professionals, to find out what’s wrong with her.
There seems to be a vague diagnoses of Picks Disease, along with past Bi-Polar episodes.
Picks Disease has similar characteristics to Dementia, including dramatic changes in personality and behaviour.
But it is supposed to take a lot longer for the mind, to establish continual forgetfulness.
I have been informed that it would be inadequate for me to care for mum at home, as she requires ‘high care’ 24/7.
Time and again I have witnessed through the media, people of all ages staying at home to be cared for.

The initial NSWTG decision to sell Mum’s property, was made on 18 June 2010.
Even during Christmas last year, I reluctantly agreed once again to help prepare Sandy’s house for market.
I figured that maybe if Mum was transferred to a nursing home in Coffs Harbour, she might get some type of rehabilitation.

My mother’s condition has deteriorated significantly over time, in the care of the nursing home.
But the responsibility falls on the NSW Trustee & Guardian.
Because they have had the authority to enforce some type of rehabilitation program.
So I don’t blame the nursing home for inadequate care, as I think that they are doing the best that they can, with the resources at hand.
My local G.P said that the NSWTG does not rehabilitate people.

How would the members of the NSW Trustee Guardian, like to be shoved into a nursing home.
Then have most of their rights taken away for at least six months.
Throw in the threat of everything you own, to be hanging in the balance.
Plus drug you up to the eyeballs, so that you become incapable of functioning rationally.
I bet then that they would truly appreciate my mother’s despair.
I have requested several times that Sandy should be allowed to return home.
I believe that Mum will most likely continue to decline in physical and mental health, if kept in nursing care.
Therefore I have agreed with my brothers, that I should stay in our mother’s house, and fight to get her home.

The NSW Trustee has insisted that the property be sold on the following grounds:
(A document was provided last year, with the following financial estimations)
– Our Mothers incarceration has generated an outstanding $50,000 Aged Care Fee.
– It is costing something to the tune of $25,000 a year, to stay in the nursing home.
– Sandy receives around $20,000 per annum from the Centrelink Aged Pension.
– She has a mortgage in the vicinity of $12,000.
– The NSW Trustee deducts over $4,000 per year for Sandy’s property expenses.
– Last year they extracted over $3,000 for a management fee.
– I think that some funds are given to the current nursing home.
– Mum is allocated $50 each week, into a separate bank account to spend on herself.
– These expenses leave Mum with a deficit of approximately $18,000 per year.
– A $300,000 bond is required to enter into the nursing home at Coffs Harbour.
– Plus you need to have thousands of dollars in the bank to draw on.
– On going care is not cheap.

Our family has put forward various proposals to the NSWTG, suggesting how to manage Mum’s finances.
But with my sisters approval, the Government is adamant that Sandy must sacrifice her home, whether she likes it or not.
The funny thing is, that if you have no assets, the NSW Government will still fund your care in a nursing home.

It wasn’t too long ago Julia Gillard announced, that all of these new wonderful ‘Aged Care Reforms’ would come into place.
One of the reforms was that the family home would not be sold off, to pay for nursing home care.
I haven’t heard much about that anymore for a while.
My immediate concern is to get mum home, and attend properly to her physical impediments.
I believe that she is slowly being poisoned to death.
Why should she be stuck in a position any longer, to go downhill physically and mentally.
She needed proper treatment over three years ago, which has not been implemented.

During my last conversation with the Trustee, I was told they’ll send in contractors, to empty the house of mum’s possessions.
Also, that I can expect the Sheriff to turn up on mum’s doorstep, to forcefully evict me.
All this would happen, if I did not surrender mum’s property to them willingly.
The NSW Trustee & Guardian has appointed lawyers, to commence possession proceedings in the NSW Supreme Court.
They basically want to kick me to the curb side, and make sure that my mother doesn’t have her own home anymore.
Plus they want forms completed, so that they know where Sandy’s possessions will be kept.
And get this, the thousands of dollars that all of these legalities shall cost, is deducted from the sale of our mothers house.

So the NSWTG has been granted the right, to use your families money, to evict you from your family home.
They want their cut of the action as well.
Surely this is proof, that your home can be used against you, to fund the NSW Trustee & Guardians policies.
What about all of the refugees pouring into our country.
The Government will bend over backwards, and spend millions of dollars to transport, house, feed and clothe them.
Plus give unlimited welfare benefits.
Yet the Government insists on taking control of your life and assets, if you get mentally ill.
Yes the Government has their rights too.

Surely our family are not the only ones, who are systematically decimated, by the injustices imposed, courtesy of the NSW Trustee & Guardian.
I have a file sitting here of correspondence from the NSW Trustee & Guardian, which is 5cm thick.
I have thought time and time again about making it public knowledge.
Perhaps thousands of other people, could be educated by the treatment we are getting.
I endeavour to save my family from such humiliating embarrassment.

I have been bombarded with boxes of red tape for over three years from this department.
They sit on their hands and do as little as possible, for as long as possible for their clients.
They will attempt to make you sick with worry and fear, of what might happen to your loved one.
Years are wasted with hearings and conferences, emails and phone calls.
Oh yeah, you get lots of mail in the post as well.
Don’t forget the agonising wait for replies.
Then they’ll impose their decisions, no matter how much you try to reason with them.
This also causes a lot of tension and disputes amongst family members.
Don’t forget that the ‘Almighty Government’ has laws in place, to enforce their legislation upon your family.

When the NSW Public Trustee & Guardian started to become involved in this whole mess, my brother Michael warned me.
He said something to the effect of, “The Government will liquidate mum’s assets, and draw off the money in the bank”.
I thought that they wouldn’t be so cruel.
I remember saying to my sister in law, that if they did that, I would start to picket the Government.
I now regret that I gullibly continued to engage ‘the system’, with this agonising game.
It’s simply not fair for people to mess with your life, in such an inhumane way.

It seems to me to be the ‘perfect solution’ to the abundance of people, who are part of the ‘ageing problem’.
Take away your liberties, decimate your health & finances, then go to an early grave.
Your children might battle you and each other, all under the watchful eye of the NSWTG.
The NSWTG are bent on making it as difficult as possible, for you to stand up for yourself.
Especially if your health is deteriorating in a nursing home.
With plenty of pills to make you think and feel better.
Along with immense restrictions to your finances.
Can’t get much worse than that.
Institutionalisation is an effective method of silencing people.

The NSW Trustee & Guardians victorious decision is final, ’cause the piece of paper say’s so.
‘Someone’ wants to make sure that the rest of your pitiful life is miserable, and without hope.
Oh and don’t forget, there’s another wondrous desire to add insult to injury.
That is, that the family won’t get to enjoy much of an inheritance.
Because it got eaten up by the Government and Aged Care racket.
What a wonderful way to keep families reliant on welfare, and prisoners to credit.
Some family members cannot be trusted with the NSWTG ‘clients assets’.
This is because some people have ripped off their own family members, in similar circumstances.
Fair enough.
But what about all of the ‘misappropriation of funds’, that the NSWTG continue to inflict.
Not to mention the minimum care your dished out.

I suppose that I’ll become the target of a full monetary audit of Sandy’s belongings, because I might want to get away with what I can too.
I have deliberated for as long as I could, but now it is time for me to expose the treatment handed out to our family, by the NSW Public Trustee & Guardian.
Yes of course our family must take a share of the blame, for this sad state of affairs.
But there needs to be a lot of Government reforms put into place, and soon.
Public outcry seems to be a path that many of us need to embrace.
Because sooner or later, such problematic scenarios, may one day heavily impact on someone that you know.
Maybe even you could fall prey, to become the NSW Trustee & Guardians next victim.

In the meantime…Watch out!
For the NSWTG has the power, to control your life from an office.
They’ll make it clear, that they own you lock, stock and barrel.
Family members physical and mental health, gets tested beyond limits.
If you are the ‘client’, your opinion might not count for much.
I love my mother, and insist on caring for her at home.
The NSW Public Trustee & Guardian has proven to me, that they are only willing to do so much.
Which is nowhere near satisfactory.
They believe that they are legally entitled to act on Sandy’s behalf, but that doesn’t make it right.

I recall a phone hearing last year, about who was to continue to be the Trustee & Guardian for mum.
A man representing the NSW Trustee stated something to the effect of, “This case does not effect me personally, therefore I can offer non-biased assistance”.
But I sense that if he or his loved one was ‘the client’, he’d probably be fighting tooth and nail.
The NSW Public Trustee & Guardian – Planning to invade a family near you!

P.S…I wonder what response I’ll get from ‘them’ for expressing my feelings.
I expect to be labelled the perpetrator of a conspiracy theory, for inciting such accusations.
Perhaps I need to be scheduled under the Mental Health Act, & started immediately on a course of strong anti-psychotic medication.
Then the NSWTG might be granted a totalitarian order over my existence.
Oh, wouldn’t they love that.
Just another annoying client file number to contend with.

NSWTG = Avoid At All Costs

God help us all !

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