“Who’s there?”… Ask the right questions, to protect your elderly loved ones from predators

Who’s in your elderly loved one’s life, besides you, and why are they there? What do they get from the relationship? If you don’t have ready answers, your elder might be at risk of financial exploitation – if it hasn’t happened already.


Glen Campbell and others are now protected in Tennessee

Campbell Falk Bill Now Law will be effective on Monday, May 16, 2016 when the Governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam makes it official by applying his John Hancock to the Bill. Glen Campbell who has been suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease will now have some protection.

Presidential Proclamation — World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, 2014
Each year, the international community renews its commitment to addressing a human rights issue that too often goes ignored — elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Does An Abuser Deserve Forgiveness? ~ USA
Every human being on this Earth is born with inalienable God-given rights; no man or woman has the right to take these away from another human being. Those who commit such heinous actions deserve to
be punished for it. Crime does not pay, or does it??

Guardianship Agency Costs Elderly Woman Dearly – USA
You’re supporting Marie Log with your tax dollars – even tough she had plenty of money on her own.
Then a court appointed guardians to look out for her best interests. But her relatives say the guardians had only one interest – enriching themselves.

I’ll Die If I Am Warehoused In a Nursing Home
I was told last week that I have lost my second appeal to keep my 20 hours of private-duty nursing hours. My care will very soon be shortened to sixteen hours a day. Please continue to put pressure on Gov. Haslam of Tennessee to make changes in services provided for ventilator users, so that we may remain in our own homes. Thank you so much for responding to my plight and others in my same situation. God bless you for your compassion…

Guardianships putting thousands of elderly Texans at risk
Under a court-ordered guardianship, 86-year-old widow Helen Hale was plucked from the house she and her husband had built on wooded acreage in Cypress for their retirement and relocated to an unlicensed group home run by a caregiver with a criminal history.

Denver public trustee overcharged homeowners in foreclosure cases

Senior’s home abuse caught on camera

96-year-old Elderly Woman Tortured By 2 Nurses in OKC

Woman Catches Caregiver Abusing Elderly Father


Criminal Care Caught on Camera

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OC Public Guardians bill excessively and abuse 90 yo mom.

OC Public Guardians abuse 87 yo widow and seize $1.8 million estate.

NJ guardian laws leave Toms River man fighting to regain freedom

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