Clinton VanDenBerg

QLD Office of Public Trustee Rip Off
A disabled man reveals a rip off by the QLD Government. He has paid over $77K to the Office of Public Trustee to lose $95K. Has this happened to you?

Disabled man wins 16-year fight with Public Trustee
A DISABLED man has won his fight to regain control of his finances following a “long, hard and arduous” 16-year battle with the State Government body appointed to manage his estate.

Public Trustee of QLD says its fees and charges are reasonable
Clinton Vandenberg suffers from an acquired brain injury. He had a car accident in the 8o’s and recieved a court ordered payout in the 1990’s. His story is a good way of examining the fee’s and charges claimed by the office of the Public Trustee of Queensland. He spoke with Steve Austin this morning…