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What about setting up a petition at ? Just a thought…


Dear Paul, Thank you for publishing my comment. I applaud your willingness to expose your name and the PS who have caused you and your family so much distress. As you rightly way, if they find out about your comments, there will be retribution. This is why I want my name redacted at this stage and because my mother is very much at their mercy and they are nothing but adversarial towards us. I am not capable of running or administering a website as my computer skills are limited in their area. If I were capable I would be running a campaign. I am very competent with administration so that aspect of it would not be a problem – addressing technology, is. I am not a left-wing banner waving radical. Quite the contrary. I believe a professionally organised campaign and protest should occur as nothing, no one, media, high profile person or otherwise will take up our cause. We have to do it ourselves. Every region of Aust. could stage a protest on a specific day. If an international “World Hunger Day” protest can be organised (as it was) then I don’t think a national protest against the GT, PG & PT is insurmountable. The question is how to get out message out and I wonder – (a) do you have any suggestions as to how we can do this, i.e. local newspaper ads (to get people in), (b) the internet to spread the word (noted on the adds) and (c) who could manage the website. I would be willing to assist in any way I can. Maybe if some of us banded together and each put in a little amount of money to cover the adds (the wording would have to be very careful so that there would be no legal repercussions) then the campaign could be successful. I know it would take up a lot of time behind the scene before everything came together but it would be at least something positive. As it stands, as you well know, forums, complaints etc. are all well and good and do serve a purpose, but they are, in essence, not effective in bringing this matter to a head. If you are interested in discussing this, please drop me a line and I would be happy to follow through. If not, I do understand but I am trying every avenue I can (so far without success) to get support. There are many websites out there with the same complaints but if we could all join together then maybe we could have a fighting chance. Anyway, your thoughts would be appreciated. With thanks. NW


Hello Paul, I was just wondering if you have had any luck with approaches you may have currently made to anyone in trying to get your mum back home. Very few people can afford the Supreme Court as an avenue for redress and even then, the appeal has to be made on very specific legal issues. I just wish that all the groups, organisations, individuals could all band together as a united front and “storm the bastille” so to speak and march together, nationally, to make our protest. The media and the Govt. might then just have to raise their heads out of the sand. If Geldoff could do an internationally recognised day for a protest against poverty, the surely we could do it for the guardianship reform. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Geldoff or Sting but there must be some high profile person preferably retired, with nothing to lose, to make it a public interest crusade. The organisations I have approached just want to push their own barrows (and their jobs) and not join for the common good. It is very disappointing. Thank you for your website and the stories contained therein. I know there must be thousands of similiar ones. I just wish we could reach them all so we could become a united front and achieve our desired outcomes – disband the Tribunal, form a specialist court bound by rules of evidence and conducted by people with intelligence and expertise,and put in safeguards that have teeth that bite the PT&G if they continue on their current culture of abuse of power, not only towards the families but also the very individuals they purport to protect. Sincerely, NW