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Make no mistake – state-imposed “guardianship” of senior citizens is a seizure of assets, and a violation of family rights.
A so-called “senior services” agency can go to court and get an emergency order of guardianship – simply by CLAIMING incompetency, abuse, or neglect. The family has no opportunity to refute the charges (if they even live in the same state!).
The older person is then taken from his/her home by POLICE – and delivered to a long-term care facility with no recourse. There they are usually diagnosed with dementia and medicated against their will. You can’t even visit them unsupervised; somebody’s always watching you.
They are “dead in the law.”
These events often happen after being widowed or other upsetting event. Tragically, the elder person often made the mistake of reaching out for “help.”

Bottom line:
DO NOT under any circumstances interact with government agencies regarding your elderly parents. Politely but firmly tell them there is nothing to discuss. It wouldn’t hurt to remind the person on the phone that FALSE STATEMENTS in court are punishable by fines and jail time.

Be also cautious of non-profit organizations; they may be in league with the courts and it is hard to distinguish who is predatory and who is less so.

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Government grabs senior citizens from their homes and puts them at the mercy of a court-appointed guardian. Assets are sold to pay for “care” – and guardian fees.

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MY COMMENT: Even though this is an American interview, pretty much the same thing has been going on in Australia – for years!

Once you lose ‘capacity’, the ‘goons’ have the legal right to do your thinking for you!