My mother & I have been continuously crucified by the New South Wales Trustee & Guardian, for over four years. My Mum was forced into a nursing home on January 2010 for bi polar disorder.

Since then, she has only been allowed back to her own home, for a two week period. ‘They’ say that my mother lacks capacity, but she is denied the justice to prove otherwise.

The NSWTG has granted themselves a totalitarian order, over my mother’s existence. My Mum is in a constant pit of despair, and desperately wants to return home.

The NSWTG imprisoned my mother in a nursing home, so that an aged care debt of around $80,000 could be accumulated, to guarantee that they would have a strong case to sell her up. She has next to no legal rights, yet the NSWTG had the power to use her name (and money from her estate) against me in the NSW Supreme Court, for an eviction.

The NSWTG is bent on wanting to liquidate the majority of my mother’s possessions also. The NSW Sheriff said he’ll forcefully remove me on the 13 of November, if I refuse to surrender my mother’s house to him. I have been physically disabled for over 45 years, & have been denied assistance to move by the NSWTG.

Also Queensland Public Housing has rejected my application for accommodation, stating that I do not qualify for assistance. It is most likely that I shall become homeless, because I find great difficultly in surviving on the Centrelink Disability Support Pension.

So I can imagine, that these types of scenarios, are played out, year in year out, throughout Australia. And what do the State Governments do – ‘tighten the thumbscrews’. I love my Mum, and therefore will continue to fight for the justice, that she never got.

I created a website around August 2013, exposing what the New South Wales Trustee & Guardian were doing to us (and others). Little did I know then, that these atrocities occur worldwide.