Why would you trust the Queensland Public Trustee?


The Committee to Expose the Public Trustee is preparing a group submission to the Crime and Corruption Commission and its expected to be lodged within a couple of weeks, depending on availability of relevant kangaroo court transcripts, medical reports etc.

We have identified a number of recurring issues and each and every complainant providing affidavits as part of the joint submission will elaborate on their experiences with the recurring issues. Our intention is to demonstrate conclusive and definitive proof of serious and systemic problems involving not only members of the triune beast (kangaroo court, Adult Guardian and Public Trustee) but also cover-ups by the Premier, Deputy Premier, Attorney General, kangaroo court president and a whole raft of bureaucrazies (MIS-spelling intended).

Previous attempts by individual complainants to get the CCC off its backside failed because the complaints from individuals were easily discounted as isolated aberrations and the work of a troublemaker, however its somewhat more difficult to discount corroborated reports from a dozen or more parties. Its highly likely that the well-connected high flyers who are on the take will attempt to block the CCC, so we intend to employ a number of other measures to bring the issues to the attention of the sheeple at the same time the CCC submission is filed. The Public Trustee is demonstrably a mutant dog that wags two tails, one being the Adult Guardian and the other being the kangaroo court. These entities collectively (the triune beast) are only the front for extremely influential and well-connected folk within the Queensland Investment Corporation and these are believed to be the real power brokers. A cursory check of ‘who’s who in the QIC zoo’ reveals all.

What promises to make the circus infinitely more interesting in the near future is some equally influential contacts we’ve made …. very prominent people who have been instrumental in bringing other political and bureaucratic grubs to account in the past and who have been concerned for some time about the endemic corruption in kangaroo courts, Adult Guardians and Public Trustees. Whilst the immediate focus is the Queensland situation, its inevitable that equivalent problems in all states and territories will be exposed due to the flak that will be flying around. One can only keep the lid on a pressure-cooker for a limited time, eventually it must come off with a far bigger explosion that would otherwise eventuated had any semblance of natural justice been allowed to exist. If perchance you are interested in coming out of hibernation and taking an active part in the best opportunity that has ever existed to whack the grubs, I suggest you get in contact with:


The Committee to Expose the Public Trustee is seeking –
1/ That the Disability Services Act and Guardianship and Administration Act be amended to include enforceable human rights for people with impaired capacity for personal decisions.

Qld aged care abuse claims investigated
AN independent investigation is underway into abuse claims at a Queensland aged care facility.

Unwilling ward of the state
A MAN who spent $200,000 over 10 years on phone sex lines had his affairs taken over by the state after relatives claimed he was suffering dementia.
The case raises more concerns about Queensland’s guardianship system.

Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland (CCC) – Report corrupt conduct
Anybody may report suspected corrupt conduct to the CCC. You do not need proof, you just need sufficient reason to believe that the corrupt conduct has occurred.

Queensland Guardianship and Administration Act 2000
An Act to consolidate, amend and reform the law relating to the appointment of guardians and administrators to manage the personal and financial affairs of adults with impaired capacity, to confer jurisdiction on the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for particular purposes, to create an office of Public Advocate, and for other purposes (PDF 226 pages)
MY COMMENT: Holy s#*t…who in the bloody hell is going to read all of this. Talk about boxes of red tape. It’s no wonder that ordinary folk are baffled by this type of legislation. I know what, let’s all pay solicitors $200 per hour to interpret it for us, so that we can fight our losing battle to the Public Trustee’s & Guardians of Australia. Not to worry, the folk who profit from the system of law, need to fund their lavish lifestyle somehow…simple, just get some laws passed, so that when anybody becomes incapacitated, the people running the government shall have the right to take over…and nobody will be able to do much about it !!!

Picket – Expose the Qld. Office of the Adult Guardian. Stop neglect and cover-up.
Join the campaign to reform the Queensland Office of the Adult Guardian.
We do not want to deceive anyone. This picket is about a particular problem that is occurring in our family. We would love to tell you the details but have been threatened with imprisonment if we do.

Clinton VanDenBerg
Clinton received an $807,000 Supreme Court payout nine years after his initial injury only to find when the QLD public trustee finally gave him full control of his finances, he only had $1500 in the account!

Geoff Thomas
Australian citizen, who fled to New Zealand, to escape the clutches of the Queensland Public Trustee, & Adult Guardian, who have been treating him with contempt, and violating his basic human rights for the last decade! He has two brain tumours, two kidney tumours and epilepsy…

Ross and friends meet the Public Trustee about Ahimsa House
Peter Carne or Peter Can’t?
Video of meeting on 8 Dec 2011 between Ross with his friends and the Public Trustee and his officers.
Peter Carne, former partner in the legal firm Goss (ALP Premier), Downey and Carne (Public trustee) permitted fraud to occur against forgotten people, the vulnerable, the old, the sick and the stolen generation.
In 2011, Peter Carne allowed West End Community Centre, AHIMSA house, to be sold for less that half market price.