Hello Paul,

I live in st clair & mom(forced in a nursing home/drugged/assaulted)& me have had similar experiences and have suffered 6 years of NSWTG psycotic attorney & aged care facility dr & manager accomplices abuses with a incriminating False Billings injury/Medicare Fruad WHITE ELEPHANT issue and current threat to sell mom’s property/her childrens inheritence. 😠

I think we should meet to discuss, Medicare Fraud Hostages of NSWTG attorneys & Aged Care Facility drs & managers MUST BE IDENTIFIED/ROTECTED from their VIOLENT CRIME REPREMANDS FIRST before STAGES OF ARRESTS for FRAUD, ABDUCTION, ROBBERY & FALSE BILLINGS INJURIES INFREASED HOMICIDE OFFENCES can commence/HELP?

Or if a Class Action Lawsuit will do PLEASE, me & mom are 100% in Paul and will help any way we can, OK?

I’m not a lawyer, police officer or dr, just a poor part time labourer living in/trying to protect mom’s house living day by day with an Android phone/no facebook, twitter & so on or webpage/sites of my own but i’m not stupid & intelligent & i’ve been the one just using Google/Bing search engines quiring/stirring up questions for answers so i could clearly see what they were really doing & try to simplify the mess and identify/protect their hostages first and then arrest them(we all hope)is a tricky endevor alone because i don’t have other victims to meet/talk too or trustworthy drs, false billings Medicare Fraud Federal officers or personnel/criminal injury lawfirms to aid me??

I’ve been all alone & i’m finally glad i can talk to friends with similar experiences Paul & there are things i can’t say here we need to discuss in private.

P.S: I give Paul permission to publish this and any future emails from me.



August 15, 2016