The Fight Of His Life: Jon Blake’s Battle

Sunday, September 19, 1999

Jon Blake was once the rising star of Australian film with a career ahead of him so promising that a court awarded him $32 million damages for the car accident that left him brain damaged and paralysed.

An appeal reduced that to $7 million 4% still enough, you might think, for Jon Blake to continue receiving the medical care he needs.

Not so. As his mother, Mascot, reveals to Jeff McMullen, legal fees as well as bureaucratic and medical costs have whittled away Blake’s nest-egg to the extent there’s only enough to last him the next eight years.

She tells of her 13-year battle with bureaucracy to manage her son’s care – a battle she says she is fighting for the hundreds of others who are in dispute with an all-powerful but little known government agency called the Office of the Protective Commissioner.


The Carers of Protected Persons Association represents the families and friends of aged and disabled persons placed under State Guardianship authorities in Australia.

The NSW Office of the Protective Commissioner has a website, which also explains the difference between the Guardianship Tribunal, Office of the Public Guardian and Office of the Protective Commissioner.

Reporter – Jeff McMullen. Producers – Andrew Corbett-Jones, Cliff Neville.

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Obituary: Jon Blake

30 MAY 2011

Jon Blake, the promising young actor whose career was cut short following a road accident which rendered him paralysed with permanent brain damage, has died from pneumonia at the age of 52.