From what I know, and my personal experiences, for the most part, corruption is rife within the system of law, throughout Australia.

My advise is to seek free council through the government Legal Aid office. Yet avoid entering into any legal arrangement/agreement, with any legal professional. Do your internet research as well, to find out how you can legally get the results, that your seeking. Take heaps of notes, plus make up a filing system for all paperwork gathered…and try to keep some type of internet record, of your information encounters, that you think may be useful down the track. As a general member of the public, you may even be able to sit in on active cases that are similar to yours, if it is an open court. There’s nothing like participation, so as to understand, and eventually figure out, how the battle might be winnable!

Two solicitors that I have dealt with, who were funded by the Government, were on my side, until the funding ceased. And then they basically advised me to surrender to the demands, of the opposing solicitors…how’s that for confidence, for assisting me with my plights! So I ended up going my last warfare alone. And geez was I in for a totally devastating experience, at the court proceedings dished out, on the NSWTG slaughter table. You’ve gotta constantly remind yourself, that these ‘legal professionals’, in their various forms, know that ‘the system’, is an expert in crushing it’s victims, by way of man made laws, that generally oppose, what is right!

I’ve also personally heard people telling me horror stories, of how they have spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring solicitors, and still not getting satisfactory results.

But if the State Trustee & Guardian, has a hold over a person, you need to prove that this person has ‘capacity’, for them to be able to make ‘real’ legal choices/decisions. Otherwise you’ll be going through Hell & high water, to assist your loved one legally, against the high minded authorities, who have convinced themselves, that they know how to treat your family member, better than you!

From what I have witnessed, and been involved with, POA’s, EG’s, & Wills, are all a messy business to some degree…where generally, more than one person/entity (including family members), is milking/ripping off, the client/beneficiary/inheritor/benefactor!

So all in all, as much as a struggle as it would be, I suggest, that you practice becoming your own lawyer, as much as possible! It’s a tough reality, otherwise, somebody or other in the know, shall take advantage, of the proposed situation…if they’re not already doing so! If per chance you uncover fraudulent activity, which is not uncommon, then your could perhaps pursue justice/compensation…Yet the NSW Supreme Court judge, ruled in favour of the NSWTG, even though it was clear, that my mother and I, were being unfairly/immorally treated!